Show this Friday – cancelled!

We are sorry to announce that the show this Friday at the Memphis Bar in Zurich got cancelled due to organisation issues by the venue. Show will be postponed. We keep you posted with the new date as soon as we have the info!

Höri Festival confirmed 24th Februar

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happy holidays

2016 changed the face of the earth, as well as our band: andorphin will be back in 2017 with a fresh formation and a brand new EP!
In the meantime, enjoy Baby Jesus Day and be safe out there!
much love,
Stephan (2x), Andreas (2x)


What a great crew!

Thanks Hard Studios for having us and being wonderful hosts! Recording is a walk in the park with you guys!!


So it begins!

We’re happy to be back in the studio recording 5 new songs with our sound engineer, producer and friend Stephan Steiner.

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